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Credit and Financing

The ability to borrow when needed to meet monthly expenses or finance large equipment purchases is critical for a company’s livelihood. This is also when many owners realize that their accounting requires help, and a meeting with a loan officer when you need financing is not the time to discover this. This is where Ted can help keep your financial statement in order, enabling you to meet lenders with confidence and walk away with the financing you need.

Construction financing helps build your operations in purchasing tools and equipment, taking on additional projects, paying for construction materials, hiring seasonal employees, managing safety standards, and having cash for your payroll day in and day out. Ted knows exactly well that having a construction business means focusing on completing the job through an ample cash flow. 

Ted Bartko, CPA, is committed to working with you to find that construction business loan that fits your specific preferences and needs. Whether your business specializes in smaller or larger commercial projects, Ted will guide you through the many ways to take advantage of construction financing.

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Credit and Financing needs

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