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Ted Bartko, CPA has small, medium, and large-company expertise to determine the proper accounting methods for your business. Generating accurate financial statements provides the information the owner needs to fully understand the financial position of their company. Accurate financial statements empower the business owner with the information required to make effective business decisions and achieve their growth goals. This is why Ted guarantees a high-quality review of your financials with you monthly, quarterly, or as often as needed.

You can even get assistance in tax planning since Ted knows the up-to-date Federal and State taxation laws and how they can affect both your business taxes and your personal taxes. He can help you find out how much of a salary you can take or afford or if you have enough withholdings. His seasoned insight on financials will help you understand tax reporting and tax payments on distributions of profits. Ted Bartko, CPA has the answers to any questions you have about taxes and profits.

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Your Company’s Financial Success is Ted’s Priority

As a leader in construction industry accounting services, Ted Bartko guarantees excellence. He has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help guide you through the most critical financial decisions. 

Ted will help save you time. When it comes to construction accounting, you can trust him to protect you with sound business and financial advice. He is an expert in all things construction accounting. This includes the nitty-gritty tasks in taxes, bookkeeping, and stacks of paperwork. 

Ted Bartko, CPA will provide you with a true blue expert. He can give you a hand and answer any questions you may have about the business. He will take care of these accounting concerns for you to focus on your clients, running your business, and establishing yourself in the industry.

Ted Bartko, CPA is your consultant. With Ted, your business will soar, and you’re taking on a partner, a consultant, that can help you with your financial strategies, so you’re savvy when it comes to growing your business and expertise. Contact Ted today!

Ted Bartko has the knowledge and the experience to help guide you through the most critical financial and management decisions. With Ted, you can rise above industry challenges and protect valuable assets in making the much-needed business decisions. He spent years proactively working with business owners to ensure business decisions are made with accounting and tax implications in mind. 

The business approach has been proven effective since Ted explains everything as precisely as possible, allowing business owners to look at the whole picture, especially where the company’s finances impact personal finances. It is guaranteed that business owners will have the necessary financial statements to obtain the best rates for construction surety bonds and business financing. 

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