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Accounting For Construction Companies

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of any construction business. Ted Bartko, CPA, accurately tracks the movement of assets into and out of the company and ensures transparency and profitability. 

Firms and contractors face unique challenges related to construction accounting. But with Ted, tracking, reporting, and categorizing costs and other expenses entailed in your construction business will be guaranteed. He offers insights on how to bid on projects, how to know which projects are profitable, how to bill clients fairly and accurately, and how to make the most of your available resources.

Ted can also help construction business owners navigate the following specialty areas in job costing, revenue recognition, and Work-in-Progress (WIP) schedules. You’ll definitely get answers to some of the most urgent questions construction companies ask like: 

When can I report revenue from jobs, and how much?

What working capital should I have to qualify for cheaper bonds?  

How do I grow working capital?

Accounting System for Construction Companies

You know your company is doing well financially, but your financial statements do NOT accurately report your profitability to your lender. Why sell yourself short?

Your company’s accounting should be as great as the projects you work on. Do your accounting methods accurately report the following?
As a sought-after CPA construction accounting service company, Ted Bartko, CPA, will handle everything from accounting for tracking materials and labor costs, capitalizing indirect production costs and mixed services costs, and tracking expenses through all stages of the construction process. 

Ted understands perfectly well how failure in accounting to report the costs throughout the construction process accurately can result in inconveniences. So, if you are not familiar with accounting for construction services, it’s time to call for Ted to move your company to the next level and beyond. He can even go as far as to train your bookkeeper on systematic and efficient ways to maintain the accounting records needed. 
Ted Bartko will have all the answers you need and more.

CPA Construction

Ted Bartko, CPA, understands that the construction industry is fast-paced, complex, and ever-changing. He knows how material costs fluctuate and that this industry is a tight, surety market. Since he understands the risks and the construction business, Ted is more than able to assist you with strategic accounting, business planning, tax, and financial strategies to help you limit your tax liability and increase your cash flow. He will help you stay at the top of your game and stay ahead of the challenges that affect the construction industry and your business. 

Ted Bartko’s CPA construction services include accounting services, budgeting, benchmarking, claims and delays consulting, cost audits, forecasting, contract schedules, job costing, operations review, strategic financial planning, strategic reporting, and others. 

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Accounting For Construction Companies

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